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About Us

We are not a company; we are a cause. We are Doctor/Advocates, Attorneys, and education experts who practice throughout California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Closson Group experts deliver unmatched experience and expertise to ensure parents are not forced to navigate an endless sea of laws and regulations without expert support and protection. We have found a way to provide affordable, high-quality representation for special needs students who have been victimized by a badly broken special education system.

We know that as a parent you feel responsible for making sure your child receives a “Free and Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE) tailored to meet your child’s unique needs. We also know that sometimes “the District” takes the path of least resistance and may attempt to offer your child less than the law requires.

We help the “powers that be” understand their legal and moral responsibilities to supply FAPE to your child in the least restrictive environment. Your child has rights. We make sure those rights are vigorously enforced.

"The only way we can be there for our children is to be there for ourselves." ~ Anonymous